Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lets make more brown.

I am by no means the darkest skinned girl around. However, i am Puerto Rican so when summer comes along or i decide its time to hit a tanning bed i can get pretty brown.

I usually find a bronzer that suits my skin tone, the kind that doesn't make me look fake and orange. I hate seeing those girls who go tanning and then choose the makeup that makes them look more like a pumpkin than an actual person. I know Halloween is around the corner people, but for an everyday look id rather not look like a jack-o-lantern.

For some reason whenever i find a color that matches my skin tone best, i get the privilege of using it for a few months and then they discontinue the darkest color. This pisses me off,  im picky about the shit i put on my face since i break out easily, especially during "that" time of the month. I don't need my skin to be more oily than it is, and proactive doesn't work for me, just ask the cysts that decide to make an appearance on my face every few years.

So my question is, what do black people do? If i cant find a the right dark color makeup for my face, do I have to special order it or something? If that's the case, its bull shit.

Why can't i just go down to my local convenience store and be able to pick out the right brown color bronzer? Not everyone is light skinned, and even those people who are naturally light skinned, most of them go tanning. Everyone these days wants to be tan, so why discontinue these colors? It looks kind of funny when my body is one color and my face is pale as fuck.

Everyone has different skin tones whether it be yellow, white, black, brown or pink. How about we cater to everyone, that would be nice. All i'm looking for is convenience, I don't want to have to pay 40 bucks for a bronzer in some magazine when i can get it for 10 dollars down the street.

It's not like where i live isn't diverse enough, and even if it weren't the town over could be. Ever think about that? I wish i didn't have to wear any makeup, now that would be convenient, but that isn't the case.

So makeup providers and makers please give me the opportunity to keep buying your product by not getting rid of it. If you want to, ill buy out all your product in bulk. That way i don't have to go to the store ever again. K thanks!


  1. If it makes you feel better or I can sympathise in a very off beat way- I am the palest white girl you will ever meet. Most people think I'm ill- and fake tan looks ridiculous on me, as does bronzer. Think dita von teese pale and not my choice. I have to mix foundation with white face paint just so it'll match my colour even a little bit pmsl.

    Bronzer searching > clown make up.

    Lovely blog :) x

  2. that sucks! I think i might have to figure something out like that. You got creative with it huh? lol

  3. I couldnt agree more!! My skin tone is weird cause I'm not exactly a light skinned black girl but I'm definitely not a dark skinned black girl. I'm just brown. Yet I can't find a color to suit me! I found a good one at Sephora but it stopped working for me in the Summer time and then they discontinued it, recreated it in a shade lighter, and now it makes me look white. I don't mean white like the person, I mean straight ashy. A lot of my friends use Bare Essentials but of course they dont have my color there either! There no winning

  4. That sucks! and Sephora is expensive! Do they think darker skinned women dont wear makeup?? If i knew what i was doing i would start my own makeup line for darker skin tones. Unfortunately, i have no idea what im doing, i would probably end up making a product that would burn peoples skin of or cause cancer or something.

  5. No bronzer here...I'm as pale as they come. Red hair, light skin...I fear the sun, LOL. Plus I'm 41 and still get zits. It never ends. Good luck finding something...I like your idea of buying it in bulk and stockpiling.

  6. Usually saves you money when you buy in bulk. ;-p