Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Since I haven't been posting much on this blog due to lack of motivation and time, I've decided to make a new photo blog on Tumblr. Feel free to follow me at One Shot for the Memories or my personal Tumblr account. However, If i find motivation and have something I need to write down i will still be using this site.

I hope everyone has been having a great couple of months! :-)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Id rather pee outside

Yesterday I found out the floor in our bathroom was crooked and my boyfriend and I would have to use the upstairs bathroom.

Which is fine.

If i didn't find it awkward using his fathers bathroom, who i barely ever speak with.

If i haven't mentioned this before I live with my boyfriend, who lives in his fathers basement. Its not just a basement, its a finished apartment, but his father comes down every now and then to get into the garage and what-not.

I hardly ever frequent the upstairs apartment.

This morning I slept in late since i was kept up all night by coughing and sneezing from a cold i'm never going to get rid of and an ear that wont pop back to normal, only to wake up with a text message telling me about our bathroom floor.

Whatever, no biggy, i can deal with it for a couple days.

So his dad comes downstairs today and come to find out our entire bathroom floor is rotted.


Now they are going to rip apart our bathroom and i have to get over my fear of taking a dump in someones house i rarely talk to.
What if i have to pee at 2am? I pee and awful lot. I probably have bladder problems and am way too much of   a pussy to go to the doctor and get it checked out. I would rather pee in the comfort of my own apartment, a journey which takes only a few minutes out of my life. But now i have to venture up the stairs into the unknown just to take a pee.

I always dreamed of how convenient my life would be if i were a dude, but now more than ever do i wish i had a penis. I could take a quick walk outside, aim for a good spot, shake it off and be on my way. However, being a girl i need to find a quite spot where no one would notice and pop a squat to do the girl version of shaking it off, which is no where near as clean as the guy version of shaking it off.

I'm kind of a hygiene freak, i use a paper towel to open doors of public restrooms. I have an entire public restroom routine which I wont get into right now.

Anywho, on a more positive note I guess this will make it easier to remodel our now "closet sized" bathroom into something more comfortable.

Is it bad that i don't give a shit right now and would rather be able to use my own bathroom than walk into the unknown world of my boyfriends fathers house?

Oh well, I got a high five from his dad earlier when the boyfriend accompanied me on a successful peeing mission.

I should have been on a pull-ups commercial. I could hear there thoughts singing "I'm a big kid now!"

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The City

I haven't been posting any pictures up lately and it makes me sad.

I've been so busy working crazy hours for the past few weeks, still trying to catch up with money we spent in Jamaica. When i get home all i want to do is relax so i haven't been taking my camera out as much as usual, but I'm going to change that as soon as possible. 

These are a couple pictures i took in Boston while visiting my brother. Hope you like them!

I also have to work on updating the pictures page in my blog. I've been using my boyfriends laptop since the charger for mine died, but we just got a new one so there will be plenty of updates soon.


I had to stand on a little bridge to take this picture and since I'm afraid of heights, the combination of that and the fast cars speeding beneath me almost gave me a heart-attack. But i did it and it worked! YAY!  No heart-attacks for me yet! Mind over matter right? Yeeaahhh.
One of the views from the biking path we were walking on. Must be nice to have these views during your morning work out routine every day. :-)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Coolest people on the block

We pride ourselves in being a classy couple.

If you didn't already notice. I'm wearing a trash bag. Now that's what i call a sense of style. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

"What do you have, two right feet or something?"

I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me but im pretty sure my brain during the last few months has turned backwards.

I've always been a little brain dead and spacey but lately its multiplied by a billion and one.

For some reason I have continuously been putting my clothes on inside out. I get ready in the morning, afternoon, whenever i decide to wake up and walk out the door only to have someone tell me my shirt or pants are on inside out. The other day i actually put my pants on right side in, but backwards. Now that takes talent.

You would think after the second time of doing this i would double check or at least look in the mirror before I left the house. But even when i look in the mirror I always seem to miss the fact that something just isnt right.

Was i drunk? Probably, or at least hungover. But it has happened to me sober too, which is the odd part.

Sober and putting my clothes on inside out? Didn't my mother teach my how to dress when i was like 5?

I've come into work the morning after a long night of drinking tequila till 4am with a right shoe on each foot. The funnest part about that day was when my boss replied with...

"Can i have this dance?" still drunk and hungover me stumbles over only for him to say "Wow, your really terrible. What do you have, two right feet or something?"

These events lead me to laugh at myself way to often.

At least when I'm under the influence of some substance I have an excuse. These last few times however, I have none. I even went to my Godsons baptism with my pants on inside out, thankfully no one else noticed until I figured it out at the after party.

Perhaps its my subconscious trying to start a new trend. You wont have to do your laundry as often because you could just turn your pants or shirt on inside out and still be wicked stylish!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Is this real life?

Has anyone else heard of these? Whipped cream AND Alcohol?? Two of some of my favorite things mixed into one?? LETS PARTY!


Between these seemingly delicious whipped awesomeness and perhaps a little bit of this?


A drink that makes you horny? Sounds like we would all be in for a pretty interesting night.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bring on the rain, bring on the THUNDAAAHH!!

I've briefly mentioned my alter ego Tequila thunder when I introduced you to Penelope.

Tequila thunder was born almost 2 years ago. We were at a friends house and our friend Kevin decided to name drunken me, Tequila Thunder.
Dressed as Tequila Thunder for a Halloween party

Watch out! There is a storm comin'!

"Bring on the rain, bring on the THUNDDAAAH!"

Tequila and I are pretty tight, we've been friends ever since i decided to leave the Captain, Captain Morgan that is. During high school we had a pretty decent relationship but decided to break it off once he started to make me sick. That's when I met Tequila. He was good to me, fufilled my alcoholic needs as a 19 year old girl and tasted absolutely delicious.

Everyone knows about beer muscles, well tequila used to give me mexican liqour muscles. I thought I was the invincible woman and had a big mouth.

We would go out dancing, have a few drinks and after a few shots of Jose I would be making out with my best friend and planning on punching the next bitch who rolled her eyes in my direction.

Tequila thunder doesnt only fight, she loves.

Hence the making out.

I get friendly when i drink, really friendly, and like to show my affections with my tongue. Don't judge. If your nice to Tequila Thunder she will be your best friend and probably try to shove her tongue in your mouth.

So here we were, hanging out and having a great time when booze decided to take over my life. After a few drinks to everyones suprise (I wish you could notice the sarcasm here) I get drunk and really "friendly"'

The next morning I'm browsing through my camera only to find pictures of myself sitting on our friends fiances lap giving her kisses and according to my boyfriend assuring her that i would never break into her house and try to beat her up. I guess I was telling her stories of a previous occasion where i went to a girls house and attempted to break in through the window after she wouldnt open her apartment door. I did have a good reason, kind of. She stole 500 bucks from my best friend. The cops came, i told them the situation and how i wasnt going to ler her get away with it. I avoided being arrested but my friend never got her money back. I swear I'm only crazy when it comes to certain situations.

That's when Kevin comes up with the now infamous name among our friends. "Whats the weather like tonight Kayleigh? Is there a storm brewin'? Bring on the THUNDAH!"

As much as this story makes me look pyscho, im really not, I may have been then but i wouldnt do something like that again. I already had my encounters with the law and luckily got away with trying to harm a few people.

My luck doesnt run so well when it comes to speeding and parking tickets but that's another story.

Tequila Thunder caught on fast, now whenever we have a party or go out my friends and my boyfriends friends try to force her out. Its really not that hard. She can be a good time.

Anywho, this is the story of how Tequila Thunder came to be and Im stickin to it.

Im not clever enough to think this shit up on my own.