Whats awesome?

Jon Bishop
And is also my brother, so you should
click on the link just for that alone <3

One of my BFFs with dance moves you wish
you could throw down at the hottest parties.
Plus he is fucking awesome. Yeah, thats right.
Not just awesome, but fucking awesome!

Awkward sex and the city
This mayo-lovin lady will leave you laughing
every time you finish reading a post. I
always look forward to her awesomeness
since finding a blog i actually look forward to reading
is a rarity! Trust me, you'll be hooked like a
crack addict!

Miss Sassy Pants
This sassy woman was name 20sb's
featured blogger for the month of September
and im glad she was, i doubt i would
have found her otherwise. Entertaining with a
bit of humor and she has a fish named Tequila!
That's my kind of woman!

When life gives her vodka it gives us a great story
to read. Her posts keep you laughing and itching
for more. I know the crazy things that happen
when life gives me tequila and i wouldnt mind going
shot for shot with this girl and having a
make out session.