Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bring on the rain, bring on the THUNDAAAHH!!

I've briefly mentioned my alter ego Tequila thunder when I introduced you to Penelope.

Tequila thunder was born almost 2 years ago. We were at a friends house and our friend Kevin decided to name drunken me, Tequila Thunder.
Dressed as Tequila Thunder for a Halloween party

Watch out! There is a storm comin'!

"Bring on the rain, bring on the THUNDDAAAH!"

Tequila and I are pretty tight, we've been friends ever since i decided to leave the Captain, Captain Morgan that is. During high school we had a pretty decent relationship but decided to break it off once he started to make me sick. That's when I met Tequila. He was good to me, fufilled my alcoholic needs as a 19 year old girl and tasted absolutely delicious.

Everyone knows about beer muscles, well tequila used to give me mexican liqour muscles. I thought I was the invincible woman and had a big mouth.

We would go out dancing, have a few drinks and after a few shots of Jose I would be making out with my best friend and planning on punching the next bitch who rolled her eyes in my direction.

Tequila thunder doesnt only fight, she loves.

Hence the making out.

I get friendly when i drink, really friendly, and like to show my affections with my tongue. Don't judge. If your nice to Tequila Thunder she will be your best friend and probably try to shove her tongue in your mouth.

So here we were, hanging out and having a great time when booze decided to take over my life. After a few drinks to everyones suprise (I wish you could notice the sarcasm here) I get drunk and really "friendly"'

The next morning I'm browsing through my camera only to find pictures of myself sitting on our friends fiances lap giving her kisses and according to my boyfriend assuring her that i would never break into her house and try to beat her up. I guess I was telling her stories of a previous occasion where i went to a girls house and attempted to break in through the window after she wouldnt open her apartment door. I did have a good reason, kind of. She stole 500 bucks from my best friend. The cops came, i told them the situation and how i wasnt going to ler her get away with it. I avoided being arrested but my friend never got her money back. I swear I'm only crazy when it comes to certain situations.

That's when Kevin comes up with the now infamous name among our friends. "Whats the weather like tonight Kayleigh? Is there a storm brewin'? Bring on the THUNDAH!"

As much as this story makes me look pyscho, im really not, I may have been then but i wouldnt do something like that again. I already had my encounters with the law and luckily got away with trying to harm a few people.

My luck doesnt run so well when it comes to speeding and parking tickets but that's another story.

Tequila Thunder caught on fast, now whenever we have a party or go out my friends and my boyfriends friends try to force her out. Its really not that hard. She can be a good time.

Anywho, this is the story of how Tequila Thunder came to be and Im stickin to it.

Im not clever enough to think this shit up on my own.


  1. lol! i can relate!! i happen to have an alter ego myself!!

  2. I think everyone has one. I just happen to have two.

  3. LOL! I apparently have an allergy to agave (the stuff they ferment to make tequilla) which would have been nice to know ten years ago when I was making myself sick with el tequilla several times a week...oh college. I am a fan of Tequilla Thunder, please tell more stories of her escapades!

  4. Oh my god I love that alter-ego. Mine is Bitch McKnives.

  5. Tequila Thunder and Bitch McKnives should hang out sometime. I think people may need to watch out!