Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I miss TV shows from the 90s

Every day i wake up and turn on the television i always find myself turning on the channel with shows from when i was a kid. There are TV programs that i like to watch now, but I miss the classic family fun shows. The ones that made you laugh over stupid moments and love stories weren't more complicated than Doug trying to keep Roger away from Patti Mayonnaise. This is why i decided to list my 6 favorite 90s TV shows, why 6? well..because i was going to do 5 but i couldnt choose, or cut any out so in no particular order...

 Boy Meets World 1993-2000

    I mostly started watching the show because of bad ass sexy Shawn Hunter. I thought he was such a babe, even though i was 13 years old when the show ended, even as a 5 year old i would want to jump through the TV screen just so he could kiss my cheek!
   Corey's dimwitted brother Eric, also a TV heart throb but soo not my type, always making you laugh with his stupid comments. Then there was Topanga, some eye candy for the men. Going from the geeky awkward looking pre-teen to a beautiful intelligent woman who's friend Minkus (Currently in the One Tree Hill I watch) always they were destined to be together. I grew up with this show and wish there was still something like it out there to watch. It had the perfect balance between hardships, romance, comedy and taught you that true friends really do stick together through thick and thin.

 Doug 1991-1994

    This is one show i wish they would bring back. When i have kids im going to find reruns somewhere just so they can listen to hits like "Killer Tofu." and "Bangin on a trash can."
    I remember having a crazy imagination as a child just like Doug, pretending to be a superhero fighting off bullies in school with his trusty sidekick Porkchop. I would want the Nickelodeon version though, not the Disney version. I love the Disney channel but Doug belongs on Nickelodeon.

 Rugrats 1991-2004

 Currently the longest running nicktoon.
  I dont think i ever missed an episode. Lil, Phil. Angelica,Susie, Chuckie and Tommy the crazy crew of babies getting into as much trouble as they can without even trying.
 I've always wanted Susie to punch Angelica in the face, but i guess that just wouldn't be suitable for a children's cartoon. Unfortunately.
 And Chuckie is just the cutest sniffle nosed little boy, trying to keep all his friends out of there daily mischief. He secretly loves it. I know they did a Rugrats all growed up or something of that sort, but i never really watched it in hopes of not ruining the original show. Who knew that babies could stay babies as long as they did. I didnt mind.

Full House 1987-1995

  Back when Mary-Kate and Ashley weren't all kinds of fucked up. I mean growing up in the spotlight cant be easy i guess, but come on. And then we have Bob Sagot who actually seems normal and non perverted in this show, but thats why he is an actor.
 Im glad they still have the re-runs on TV, i watch it every morning...well every morning im awake that is. Joey reminds me of this guy who rented a room from dad growing up, he used to always do impressions of Daffy Duck. Then we have Jesse, who in a way reminds me of my dad...not that my dad is an Elvis hair loving wannabe, but he loves music and grew up singing me to sleep with his guitar.

Saved by the Bell 1989-1993

The 90s had all the heart throbs.  Zack and A.C Slater...ooh boy! Between Slaters bulging biceps and Zacks smooth persona, if you mushed  them together it would make one perfect man (at least for me). My life in high school was nothing like Saved by the Bell, but i always wished it was.

Fresh Prince 1990-1996

 Oooh Will. You horny sexy little bastard. How you made me laugh every episode with your shenanigans.
 And who doesn't know the rap in the beginning of each episode "In west Philadelphia born and raised, on a playground is where i spent most of my days." I could go on forever.
 Its kind of weird because his sense of humor reminds me of my brothers. The facial expressions they make are so similar...I'm assuming he stole it from the show. He did that with Jim Carey and Robin Williams too.
  The Carlton Dance became a sensation. And who could forget Carlton and Will dancing to Jump on it. So many good scenes i could watch on the show that could never get old.

And for your viewing pleasure i will leave you with this...


  1. Nickeloden in the 90s had the best shows ever! I still miss Clarissa Explains it All, Are you Afraid of the Dark?, Salute Your Shorts, Hey Dude...not to mention Doug, Rugrats, Ren and Stimpy, etc etc. I even miss Eureka's Castle..now that's going old school!

  2. haha, yeah there were so many more i wanted to put on the list but it would have been endless!

  3. I totally forgot about Rug Rats- I actually went to see the film at the pictures hahah!!! Fresh Prince was immense..it never ages in my eyes!Also, I wished my school had been like Saved by the Bell: Clothes sales in lockers, only one class and being best mates with the principal. Remember the hard hitting episodes of Jessie's drug addiction and the drink driving episode?! Great.

  4. You have to love the 90s hard hitting episodes, they were so corny and awesome. I saw rugrats in movie theater too, thats why i learned to play the theme song on piano.

  5. I love all things 90s...seriously one of my favorite eras for movies and TV. Loved this post, it is such a good idea! Found your blog through 20SB.

  6. Im always watching the reruns during the day...i dont really feel like watching Jerry Springer...
    "Your mama slept with my boyfriends daughters pet monkey and now im furious!!!!"