Monday, September 12, 2011

I like to pee on my boyfriend

I have an extremely overactive imagination or maybe because it was so close 9/11 when we took our flight into Orlando, but whenever i do anything i always think of the worst possible scenario.

At any moment someone is going to attack, so naturally i have to go into survival mode and think of what to do to defend myself, right? Does anyone else do this? Or is it just me?

When we were sitting on the airplane, there was a creepy man sitting next to us and he kept texting someone. Even after they informed all passengers to shut off cell phones, he was still texting away. I kept trying to glance over to get a peek at what was so important, but I'm not that sneaky and he would have noticed and thought i was being a creeper.

For all i know, he probably didn't understand English and wasn't aware that he shouldn't have been texting in flight.

Of course, my mind goes wild with all these outrageous, or not so outrageous thoughts. What if he is using it to detonate a bomb?

Now he's reaching into his pocket. What if he's going to pull out some sharp object and slit my throat open the first chance he gets? I immediately think of ways to keep myself and others alive. I think of how i have tweezers in my purse, those are sharp enough to jab in his eye if he starts to come at me right? If i force it through hard enough? It will at least give me time for a quick getaway, or enough time to kick him in the balls and let someone else bigger and stronger than I take over the beating phases of the trip.

Maybe i might have added a few kicks in here and there.

Now you imagine the mental images running through my head as I'm plotting my survival, what i would do if he decided to take over the plane. I'm to young to die, plus I'm scared to death of death. I will do anything to survive, and if I'm going down I'm not going down without a fight!

This also didn't help the fact that we actually flew back home on 9/11. At least there weren't any creepy men sitting next to us on the plane. In fact, we had a whole row to ourselves so it was wonderful.

I do this in every day life as well, if I'm coming home at night i always wonder if some strange man is going to run out of the woods and attack me. My solution, place my key in between my pointer and middle fingers, tighten my fist and be ready to throw a hard punch to the eyeball when the attacker comes.

Yes, my solutions are always to first go for the eyes. Especially since i never have anything practical for self defense handy. So i just make up shit in my head that i think would work as if i were a Charlies Angel who could make a weapon out of a stick.

If i had a stick, I would sure as hell try.

Well on that note, my boyfriend was holding me earlier and asked what i was doing, and as he was holding me I told him i was peeing.

What i meant to say, was that i had peed. Not that i was peeing at the very moment he was holding me. I decided i would share that with you because i couldn't stop laughing hard enough to correct myself as he was staring at me with disgust.

Now i will share some pictures from our trip to Orlando. Enjoy!

New stand prop at universal

Sues Landing

Waiting in line for the mummy ride

Toon Lagoon
Universal Studios
Finally arrived at Harry Potter! :-)
Cool picture i took in the greenhouse
Hogsmead Village
Hogwarts Castle
Hogwarts Express
Awesome lightning cloud when we were taking off. This one is no lightning
This one is with the lightning. Cool huh? I wish my camera was good
enough to get the actual lightning strike.
Above the clouds
Finally arrived, home sweet home. <3

p.s. don't forget to check out my new about me page! <3 There is a pretty sweet video!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mummy Ride! But I've only been on the one in LA. Is it the backwards roller coaster? HP looks awesome - I want to go there so badly!

  2. It starts off forward and then i think you go backwards once you see the mummy. Its wicked fun though! The Harry Potter ride was my favorite though! :-)