Monday, October 3, 2011

One step closer to freezing

Everyone is wetting themselves with excitement over the fall season.

Everyone, except for me.

Sure, the leaves turn pretty colors, Halloween is pretty fucking amazing and you don't have to worry about sweating your ass off during the hottest of summer months.

However when i think of fall, i dwell on the more negative side of this wonderful season.

Living in New England has its perks during the summer, fall and spring months. There is always something to do, with all the beaches, going into the city, theme parks and Oktoberfest-ivities this is one of the greatest places to live.

If only i could live here every other season except for winter.

I know it isn't winter yet, but this just brings me to my list of reasons i don't like fall.

1.No more free tans. I cant go outside in my bikini during 60 degree weather and get a tan. I enjoy getting up early just to plop my butt on the warm sandy beach and take a nap for a few hours. I get to relax and wake up with an amazing shade of brown I didn't have to pay for. No tanning beds and fifty dollar monthly packages. Just me, a case of beer, the view and some tanning oil.

2.No more shorts. I'm picky when it comes to clothing, I could care less whats "trendy" or not, ill wear white after labor or before or....whenever the hell they say you aren't supposed to (if i want).
I put on my body what's comfortable, what i think looks good and one of those clothing items is a nice pair of shorts. I can move without worrying about them ripping off or falling down, I seem to have that problem with jeans. Shorts fit me better plus Ive been told i have nice legs. Guys, i know your going to miss seeing the extra skin on girls while they strut there stuff down the streets on warm summer days as well, you can't deny it. Fall comes along and they cover it all up until next year. Savor the moments. I know you do it, because i do.

3.One step closer to freezing. How ever beautiful the change may be from summer to fall, the dying leaves only mean one thing. Winter. Winter is by far my most hated season, ever. I wouldn't be upset if we got rid of it all together. Fall, spring and summer can stay, but winter has got to get the fuck out. Winter means cold, cold means snow, with snow you get ice. Clumsy me enjoys falling on her ass so hard she cant walk for week on this wonderful slippery substance. Cold means heavy coats and having to get up earlier than usual to warm your car in the morning, cold means its time for my hibernation and fifty pound weight gain. How about we just skip all that and go straight to spring. I want to be able to walk outside barefoot, without a huge heavy bubble coat, gloves and boots that soak up more water than keep out.

I want to be able to smell the warm summer breeze and feel the ocean waves at my feet. I guess i wouldn't hate fall so much if Winter didn't exist. Unfortunately it does, and unless i want to move somewhere tropical, which is a huge possibility, I'll just have to suck it up until spring.

Well. Happy October!

At least I can look forward to taking pictures of the leaves, my Halloween party and drawing more pictures like this one!


  1. this is why I was so anti fall for so long. I know winter is right around the corner. I just try to forget about that.

  2. I'm trying, but its not working out so well. It doesn't help that the cold weather seems to last longer than warm.

    Summer is a cock tease.

  3. Ahh! I totally agree with you!! I am so anti-cold weather. Lol I always meet people with a glare when they bask in the fall/winterness of the seasons lol.

  4. I enjoy warm weather, beaches, sand and a nice tan. The cold can stay anywhere but where i am and ill be a happy camper!

  5. Good lord, I'm jealous. If I ever fell asleep in the sun for a few hours I would literally have to go to the hospital and get de-lobstered. I'm that pale.

    But you're totally right. Winter needs to get the fuck out.

  6. I wish I lived in a place experiencing four seasons. Living in San Diego I feel like the seasons are sunny and when it rains. And when does rain it rains buckets! :-p

    I like fall because it's my birthday, I like the colors and the clothes. I don't know me and my friends think of cute winter wear even though we can't really wear it :-P.

  7. Kate, Im fortunate enough to never burn. I think ive only had one burn bad enough where i should have gone to the hospital to get de-lobstered.

    Nurhogirl, I wish i lived in San Diego! I visited there for a week once when i was 18 and absolutely loved it! I don't mind rain so much as long as there is no cold to go along with it. Everyone says if i never had snow, i would miss it. But i have had snow, and am finished with it. I'm ready for warm weather all the time, rain or shine.