Monday, February 27, 2012

"What do you have, two right feet or something?"

I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me but im pretty sure my brain during the last few months has turned backwards.

I've always been a little brain dead and spacey but lately its multiplied by a billion and one.

For some reason I have continuously been putting my clothes on inside out. I get ready in the morning, afternoon, whenever i decide to wake up and walk out the door only to have someone tell me my shirt or pants are on inside out. The other day i actually put my pants on right side in, but backwards. Now that takes talent.

You would think after the second time of doing this i would double check or at least look in the mirror before I left the house. But even when i look in the mirror I always seem to miss the fact that something just isnt right.

Was i drunk? Probably, or at least hungover. But it has happened to me sober too, which is the odd part.

Sober and putting my clothes on inside out? Didn't my mother teach my how to dress when i was like 5?

I've come into work the morning after a long night of drinking tequila till 4am with a right shoe on each foot. The funnest part about that day was when my boss replied with...

"Can i have this dance?" still drunk and hungover me stumbles over only for him to say "Wow, your really terrible. What do you have, two right feet or something?"

These events lead me to laugh at myself way to often.

At least when I'm under the influence of some substance I have an excuse. These last few times however, I have none. I even went to my Godsons baptism with my pants on inside out, thankfully no one else noticed until I figured it out at the after party.

Perhaps its my subconscious trying to start a new trend. You wont have to do your laundry as often because you could just turn your pants or shirt on inside out and still be wicked stylish!

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