Saturday, September 24, 2011

City life

As much as I love the town i live in, I've always wanted to live in the city and it has just never happened. There is so much diversity and life going on, never a dull moment, plus awesome graffiti everywhere and the nightlife doesn't hurt my love for tall buildings and crowds either.

My brother just moved in with his girlfriend outside of Boston, its a cute little apartment right near great restaurants, bars, shops everything within walking distance. Not that you really need to have a car in Boston since the traffic is horrific, its impossible to find cheap parking and there are subways everywhere, so whats the point? If you choose to walk there is always something to look at and people watching is pretty awesome too. 

At least i can bug my brother all the time and use him for a place to stay if i ever decide to spend a night out in the city.

Well i made this short, since i don't have a lot of time. I just wanted to express my love for the city and people.

I love people.

Well most of the time, when i don't have to wait on them.

That's when i love people. 

I also took my camera with me, unfortunately it was raining.

Stopping every few minutes to make my boyfriend hold the umbrella, get my camera out of the bag and try to snap a picture without getting it wet was a process that after a few tries got pretty tiring. I actually started sweating from walking around holding the camera, bag and umbrella all at once while searching for things to take pictures of. 

So my next post should include some photos from Boston, and since its not raining out today maybe some other pictures too. Hope you guys have a great weekend! <3


  1. I love living in Boston. And you really can get by in the city without a car. Everything you need is in walking or T distance.

  2. My brother loves it too, all my friends have been slowly moving to the city and i so wish i could join them!

  3. never been to boston, i heard its a great city!

  4. I like Boston, its a little confusing. I honestly like New York City better, but Boston is closer so i take what i can get. More people, the better. <3