Monday, September 19, 2011

Dear high school me

my first car
When you're in high school, you're still finding yourself.

High school, for me, wasn't about the classroom learning experience, because i seriously think the only thing i really learned in high school was how to sneak in shots of Captain Morgans in between classes. Me and the Capt aren't on speaking terms anymore. High school was more about learning who I was and am as a person.
getting ready for prom
Growing up people were never particularly nice to me, and it was hard to make friends since i moved around so much and didn't really know how. Especially since i figured there was no point in trying to make friends if we were just going to move again. Unfortunately, my brother and I ended up staying in the same high school for all four years. My brother had made friends from when he lived in the same town in 6th grade, so when we came into town he already knew people, i knew no one. 

Plus he got involved with sports and such so he made friends much easier and faster than I. 

I'm also not the most trusting person so if anyone would try and talk to me, i'd pretty much give them a fuck off kind of attitude and who wants to be friends with someone like that? 

Well my friends did, and that's why they are still around...i guess.

Any who, lets get on with this letter..

Dear high school self,
Chorus uniform
               When you're a freshman and you get asked the senior prom by your number one crush, try and not drink so much at the after party. Still however make the decision to not have sex, you are way to young and I've always been proud of the fact that your cherry never popped until you were 18. Congrats, its a rare thing these days. 

Also remember that boys aren't everything, i know you have never been the girl in the playground thinking boys had cooties, but how about you focus on your own life before having to worry about getting involved in someone else's life. Always remember heartbreak happens but you will eventually get over it, it might take years, but listen to your friends and family when they tell you, your making the wrong decision. I know now how right some of them were. That boy was a meat-head, it wasn't your father just being a father.

Try not getting drunk during the walk to school at 7am. You might actually learn something. 

I look the same as i did then
When you make a few besties that had just come out of the mental institution, you probably shouldn't lie to your mom and tell her you are sleeping at a friends house to go to a party with said friends. It doesn't end well, you would have been better off just sitting at home watching Dark Angel. I know how much you love Jessica Alba.

Last but not least, you should take a deep breath, calm your nerves and try out for the school play or that solo you've always wanted. You never know what you can achieve if you don't try, you most likely would have done a better job than most of the soloists chosen anyway.

Most of all, just have fun and enjoy yourself, but try and stay out of trouble, its never any good for anyone. Especially you.

p.s. The lady that lives upstairs is going to snitch on you for sneaking out at night and smoking butts out your window. 

                               Older and more experienced you.

Idea inspired by Andrea! Thanks! <3

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