Sunday, September 18, 2011

Your request has been denied

With all the new features Facebook puts up every month, you would think they would come up with a way to stop people from sending requests once you deny them.

All of my friends on Facebook are people I actually know, I don't accept requests from strangers or enemies.

Lately I've been getting random requests from fellow facebookers and a few individuals i deleted because of ridiculous status updates plus, i just don't like them. Unfortunately, once you deny someone they can keep requesting you, over and over and over again.

It gets annoying.

If i denied you, don't fucking request me again, you are just going to get denied for the fifty millionth time.

I've recently been keeping people in my pending list but it gets annoying since there is always this tab on my phone telling me i have 19 pending friend requests. That doesn't fix the fact that i want that list empty.

If i request someone and see they haven't accepted me, i just give up. Its only Facebook, its not the end of the world and if i deleted you don't take it personally. Its not like i killed off your first born child. ITS FACEBOOK. Get the fuck over it.

I also never understood that if you make it clear in person you are not a fan of someone, why do they even bother clicking the request button on your page in the first place?

If i don't talk to you, if you walk in the room and i don't say hello, and if you ask me a question and i give you one word answers would you really consider us friends?

Dear Facebook,

              Please create an instant reply message for denied Facebook requesters stating the fact that they have been denied. Maybe it can go something like this. "I regret to inform you the person you have requested thinks you suck at life and does not want to be your friend. Please refrain from re-requesting this person since she/he will never want you having 24/7 access to his/her Facebook. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you in your puny little life, just remember its only Facebook." Of course you can switch some words around if you'd like, it doesn't have to be exact, but you get the picture.

                                                    Kayleigh (Facebook addict)


  1. lol! I hate when people request me after they've been deleted! I especially don't understand why some particular people even bother when they know we don't get along or like each other. I've even had people harass me by messaging me after they've been deleted. That is one of the things I dislike about facebook, everything is too open.

  2. I love Facebook, except for the fact that people get so ridiculous over it. I love being able to share with my friends what im up to and see what they are up to etc. but i put so much private stuff on my facebook that i cant have random people snooping around my page. There are to many creepers out there, and i dont feel like being stalked, or raped.

  3. Hmm that's so weird. When I'm on FB, I have a "not now" option that makes the request go away unless I visit that person's page. But I totally agree-stop the friend requests!

  4. whenever i press not now, for some reason they cans till request me again. I dont know if it has something to do with the settings, but ive checked it and nothing seems off. Maybe ill have to check it again.

  5. You can block them ..that's the easiest thing ever to do. I just block everyone I don't like.

  6. That is a fabulous idea! I think i just might have to start the blocking process when i get home from work tonight