Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New idea: Stay at home girlfriend.

Every day i find myself not wanting to work. I love waitressing and having a significant amount of money in my pocket from just one nights work, but i would honestly rather be home.

Desk jobs don't suit me, I need to be moving around and make myself feel productive. I get bored so those jobs never last over a year.

This is why i have a new dream. A dream of being a stay at home girlfriend.

Most people i talk to always say the idea of not working seems great, for a while, but in the long run would end up missing it.

Fuck that!

I would never miss it.

Picture coming home from a long days work. All you want to do is relax and not have to worry about anything. Leave all your work troubles behind. And you can!

Doesn't it sound like you would be living the dream too?

I cant go bragging about my organization skills or willingness to clean, but who wants to do more work when they get home? Or in my case, before i go into work.

The only activity I have motivation for before work is drinking. Tequila shots? Why not? It can only make me happier. Who doesn't love a friendly waitress?

If I was to be a stay at home girlfriend I would get out of bed early, drink some coffee and get to being all domesticated and shit.

Wash and fold the laundry, clean the dishes, and the house from top to bottom. You will get distracted by how sparkly, shiny, clean our apartment is. By the time my boyfriend gets home he won't have to worry about a thing.

He could sit and play nerd games while i cook him dinner and prepare a nice healthy lunch for his next hard day at work. Delivering him energy drinks and even grocery shop, by myself. 

I wont even get into what happens to me at the grocery store right now. 
That's a whole other blog post.

Wouldnt it be nice? Nice to come home and not have to worry about stressing yourself out with household chores? Its like having your own personal maid you get to have sex with? How would you lose out on that deal?

And we could make time for those cheesy couple dinner parties you see on television. Ive always wanted to do that but just never had the time. 

My boyfriend gets out of work, brings me to work and then by the time i get home all we both want to do is sleep. Our alternating schedules suck. This plan will help us spend quality couple time with each other and in the long run only better our relationship.

Maybe it would even give me some time to better myself as a photographer and help the cash flow getting paid for something I would do for free anyway.

Oooh the possibilities.

Now only to pitch it to the BF and hopes he sees it through my eyes.

He always says a woman's place is in the kitchen. Now he can have his damn sammich ready and waiting, to put all of its deliciousness in his mouth.

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