Thursday, March 1, 2012

The City

I haven't been posting any pictures up lately and it makes me sad.

I've been so busy working crazy hours for the past few weeks, still trying to catch up with money we spent in Jamaica. When i get home all i want to do is relax so i haven't been taking my camera out as much as usual, but I'm going to change that as soon as possible. 

These are a couple pictures i took in Boston while visiting my brother. Hope you like them!

I also have to work on updating the pictures page in my blog. I've been using my boyfriends laptop since the charger for mine died, but we just got a new one so there will be plenty of updates soon.


I had to stand on a little bridge to take this picture and since I'm afraid of heights, the combination of that and the fast cars speeding beneath me almost gave me a heart-attack. But i did it and it worked! YAY!  No heart-attacks for me yet! Mind over matter right? Yeeaahhh.
One of the views from the biking path we were walking on. Must be nice to have these views during your morning work out routine every day. :-)


  1. Looks GREAT! I have a whole folder of Boston photography that I haven't had the time to post. What kind of camera/lens do you use? I have a Nikon D3000, with an 18-55, and a 55-200mm lens, but I really want to look into a fish eye or a wide angle lens! The second one is really cool, love the reflection.

  2. Love both of these. This is on Storrow correct?

  3. Findingravity-Thanks! I have the Nikon 5100 with the same two lenses you have. I still consider myself a beginner but the more i take pictures, the more I learn. :-)

    Ginny-I'm assuming lol. You would probably know better than me. Boston confuses the fuck out of me, i never know where anything is. When i went to go visit my brother i got lost trying to find the T that would take me back to the train station. Hopefully the more i go there, the better Ill get. But then again I've been living in Gloucester for almost 4 years now and I still get lost sometimes. <3

  4. I'm especially loving that second pic. Ugh, this makes me want vacation. :)