Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Are you afraid of the dark?

Okay. So i know I'm not 5 years old anymore, but having an overactive imagination at a young age seems to still effect me today.

Ill be 24 in 12 days and i can admit when i have a problem.

I'm still afraid of the dark.

I know...lame right? I'm sure im not the only adult who is still afraid of what they cant see, and thats exactly what it is for me. How do i know there isnt some scary serial murderer lurking in the dark corners of a room when i enter it?? I dont! There are some crazy mother fuckers out there! Not to mention the Alligators under the bed....

Your Reaction: Did she just say Alligators?

Yes, you read correctly. ALLIGATORS! Fuck the monster hiding in my small closet, there are Alligators under my bed and i will NOT let them get me!

Some dumb kid in my class while was in elementary school decided to tell me how Alligators can reach speeds up to 20 miles per hour in a straight line..only for a short distance, but I'm no runner. I would die once i reached a speed of 2 miles per hour! (okay...maybe thats an exaggeration...but you pick up what I'm throwin down right?)

Then in the same week some movie came out on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon or whatever. I cant remember the name of it, but it was a movie about this kid who gets pulled under his/her bed and into this monster land of lost things. I could have the plot completely wrong. but i only watched it once, because ever since then ive been afraid not only of the Alligator under my bed thats going to chase me down for dinner but his crazy monster friend who is going to pull me by my feet and underneath the bed so they can share! Monsters and Alligators that live under your bed prefer woman the didnt know??? Well you do now!

Want to know what I do to prevent that from happening??

Always have a blanket covering my whole body. Its my magical long as my feet are under the blanket nothing can pull me into the black hole that is underneath my bed and as long as I don't get out to close to the edge the Alligator wont even realize im there! You learn sneaky tricks around them after years of the chase!

And have i mentioned the Ghosts?? soon as the lights go out im convinced every little noise i hear is a ghost about to rip my face off. And if you cant see them how can you defend yourself from them??

My solution...Turn the TV on. If i cant hear the noises going on in the dark over the sound of my television...then they don't exist!

Like i said..dont judge...this is just the result of a child with an overactive imagination continuing onto adulthood. This is why I have trouble sleeping at night. Almost 24 years old...scared of Alligators and monsters under my bed, and ghosts in the dark.

Please dont turn out the lights if im by myself...or at least hold my hand if your going to put me through that torture!


  1. I'm not scared of the dark but I am a little scared that spiders come out when it'd dark!! That's why I have my cover all around me and up over my ears to stop anything crawling on me. I also feel unsafe without it covering me. From what I don't know. I only get a bit freaked out by ghosts when I'm walking in the dark like I'm just gonna bump into one haha!!

    Tried to comment on you 20sb post but it wont work!! So here's one of my favourites recently:

  2. Ahaha this is so true. I'm not too scared anymore of the dark but it's the horrible 2 a.m. moments when you wake up for a bad dream and then the shadows in your room somehow make it look like someone is crouching in the doorway entrance. It's like the beginning to some horrible thriller and I always am there trying to work out if I should face the intruder and turn the light on or hide under my covers and hope they just leave. Cause that makes sense, scary murderer is just gonna be like 'Oh she isn't up for a fight. Ok then, peace!!'. The tricks our minds can play on us. I particularly like the picture with the alligator under the bed.. gave me a real idea of just what you're afraid of !

  3. I really believe that when i'm under the covers im safe! i'm gonna screwed one day if a real killer comes into my bedroom and the only defense i have is my comforter! haha

  4. im completely still scared of the dark and also 23. if i get home late ill sprint from the driveway to my front door because you know...the killers wouldn't be expecting that. and yes, i check my backseat before pulling out of a dark parking lot :)

  5. The dark is a scary place! There was some movie i saw when i was younger where some dude was hiding in the backseat of someones car and chops the persons head off. Now i check my backseat to, i like my head right where it is thank you very much. :-)