Sunday, March 27, 2011

Birds of a feather...pee together?

Last night I went out with my boyfriend and some friends...whats new right?

And once again I find myself a pee friend. Why is it that girls need to have company while going to the bathroom?

I do it all the time, so I'm not judging.

Its not like we need any help, we are all grown adults and know how to use a toilet. It just happens.

After a few drinks our bladders fill up, we try to hold it until the last second because you know once you break the seal its all done for the night and your gonna be going every ten minutes. But once you gotta go you start asking if any of your friends need to go too. (You need someone to hold your drink for you. Its kind of tough to pee in a public restroom and hold your drink at the same time)

You then proceed to the bathroom, where there usually is more than one stall but always end up in the handicap because its bigger..

This is when the gossip starts, once we are in the bathroom there is no one to listen to us (except a few fellow bladder relievers). So we start talking about whatever comes to our minds, our own personal friend pee therapy.

We mention other people at the bar, the hot guys, the bitches, the sluts, our day, normal girl talk. Then we fix ourselves up, wash our hands, check our teeth, hair and makeup in the mirror and strut our stuff on back to the bar.

And in my case usually as im talking it up my friend decides to have a photoshoot of me on the toilet...I couldn't tell you how many pee pictures i have of myself that i keep locked away safe in my computer away from public view.

I wonder if its our subconscious preparing us for a ninja bathroom attack. Figure if we are together we'll have more chance of surviving...even though unless i have a friend who is a black belt in some type of martial arts i don't know about, i don't think we would stand a chance against ninjas.

Maybe zombies? I could take a zombie down in the bathroom with my girls. But then again I overestimate my strength when I've put down a few tequila shots, and im pretty sure ive never had a sober group peeing session.

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