Saturday, March 26, 2011

there are worse things...

So i just spent the last hour of my day creating a new Facebook and deleting family off my real Facebook just to request them back on my fake one.

why? you ask...

because apparently there is no such thing as freedom of speech or in my case video anymore.

Every time i post something on Facebook someone has something to say about it. Mainly my guess what if you don't like the way i am...your deleted!

I sound so threatening...but i couldn't just delete my family completely, so instead i decided to make a Facebook page just for my family. So at least they can think I'm the perfect proper woman my mother wants me to be. Surprise! I'm not.

But who is perfect really? I can tell you other things i am not. I'm not a whore, prostitute or a drug addict. I do however speak highly of my friends and family, am always there when they need me, i hold a steady job, a great boyfriend and a cute apartment. But since i like to go out and have fun it appears I'm not lady like.

Which is fine with me, i burp in public, fart and blame it on the person next to me if it smells, i don't wear high heals (more like cant) and if i wear a skirt i don't know how to sit properly so you can usually see my underwear. I show my ass to everyone and i sometimes swear like a drive trucker. But just because im not your typical proper girly girl doesn't make me a bad person.

The main reason I'm ranting is because my parents don't approve of my latest YouTube video. Probably because I'm drunk on the bathroom floor rambling nonsense. But who hasn't had a night like that? If you are over the age of 21...even 18 and say you haven't your a god damn liar.
I just got my night on video, thought it was funny and decided to share with the world on the internet.

Not like its gonna get to Rebecca Blacks "Friday" Status anyways so i don't see the big deal.

Has no one ever seen the other videos people post online?? Mine would be rated G compared to "Two girls one cup", or "shake that bear"...go ahead click on it if you haven't seen it already. I dare you!

Oh big fucking whoop, my ass is hanging out...everyone has I'm pretty sure everyone has seen one before. And I also know if it was that bad, YouTube would have taken it down by now.

I wonder what these girls parents are saying...the ones who eat shit and rub it all over there face or eat puke. Now thats disturbing.

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  1. SO happy to read that someone else can't wear heels. And burps in public. And enjoys a good fart. Cheers to the REAL girls.