Monday, March 28, 2011

Diary of procrastinator...

Im seriously thinking about changing the name of my blog to "Diary of a Procrastinator." because unless im giving myself plastic surgery there is no reason it should take me two hours every day to get ready.

But no. because no matter what i do i always get distracted way to easily. So let me bore you with my morning routine of pampering and distractions

I wake up, immediately brush my teeth (who wants gross breath and cavities..not this girl). Then after making myself breakfast and checking all my social media sites I start the beautification process.

I get in the shower, do the normal. Always start with my hair so i can leave in the conditioner while i wash my body, and then just sit under the running water for about 20 minutes staring at the bathroom tiles because the hot water feels so good against my skin. I need to enjoy it, and i do every time, for a little longer than i should. By the time I'm out of the shower my fingers look like little tiny raisins.

I dry my body, put my contacts in (If i didnt sleep with them in the night before). And then go and sit on the computer in my towel. Check facebook, twitter, photo booth. See how many views and comments i got from the night before. Facebook stalk friends, change my profile picture a few times and then realize that ive been distracted and I'm still in my towel so i go and find something to wear.

This in itself is an adventure because there are always piles of clean clothes on my bedroom floor so that requires at least 10 minutes if im lucky of trying to find something to wear.

Once i find an outfit that seems decent I go back on my laptop and make sure no one has commented on my current Facebook status. Stalk someone else online, watch a few YouTube videos, get up grab a snack get a drink, maybe put the coffee machine on and then finally head back to the bathroom.

Apply some face cream, foundation, powder and fix up my eyebrows a little bit.

Take the towel off my head and begin to try and tackle this crazy tangled mess they call my hair.

After painfully smoothing the knots out, its now time to blow dry. Sometimes i have to bring a fan in there with me because this can be one hot project (depending on how long ive sat in my towel for). 

20 minutes later...its not a pretty result.

And i have to say thank god for straighteners because i wouldn't be able to go out in public looking like this picture to the right. :-/

Then i realize what I'm wearing just isn't cutting it. Especially if i ask my boyfriend and he says it looks fine. I cant tell you how much i hate the word fine. 

No girl wants to look "Okay" when they go out whether they are in a committed relationship with someone or not. They still want men to think they are hot, and it works out for your significant other as well, you can make him feel good by looking good. People will be jealous of him for being with that sexy woman.

After searching the rubble in my room for another (better) outfit, i then start to do the dishes, cuz there bothering me. Once those are done I have to check twitter to see if there are any interesting trending topics i can participate in and pour my cup of coffee thats now finished brewing.

Finally 20 minutes later I'm back in the bathroom staring in the mirror wishing i could wiggle my nose, snap my fingers and POOF! Id be ready and looking the best ive ever looked. But unfortunately my life isn't an "I Dream of Genie" episode. (Dammit!).

Once my straightener gets hot enough i start parting my hair and begin my straightening adventure. 

Its not an extremely fun adventure with my hair because i have so damn much of it.

Once I'm done with that, and im satisfied with how straight it is, i then go back and check on Facebook...perhaps if i think i look good enough update my photo booth, find something to share with my friends on tumblr (I know I'm obsessed with everything social media...except Myspace...i fell off that train a long time ago.)

Another 30 minutes later i put on the last finishing touches and a whopping 2 hours later...sometimes more depending on how long i get distracted for I'm done.

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