Friday, March 25, 2011


Usually I would be alright with starting a new job, Im not known for being able to stick around one place for very long. But considering I was making decent money at my old job it sucks.

I worked as a waitress at Friendlys for 3 years and I bet you would think that no one could make a living out  of waitressing at a place many people consider fast food and you would be wrong. I had to leave because I was dating my manager and thats a big no no there.

I found another waitressing job easily since i have 6 years experience (waitressing is my life, dont judge me). I like the people i work with and i like the job itself but i hate that I only waitress one day a week. With at least 2 serving shifts there, especially on weekends, i would be making bank. But no, instead they have me run food and bus tables (not fun).

Everyone says i should just suck at cleaning tables they wont give me those shifts anymore. But i cant do that. I have always been a hard worker, i would rather gain waitressing shifts for putting in effort, than for being lazy. Even though it never works out that way, i have a feeling im gonna be bussing tables for a while just because im good at it. Not fair. It almost makes me want to be lazy.

We had a staff meeting the other day and supposedly, if we study the menu, the employees who know the menu the most will be given the most serving shifts. They gave us two weeks. So i guess for the next two weeks im gonna be studying the shit out of that menu.

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