Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not everyone is REALLY Irish on St, Patricks Day.

Anyone who knows me, know i like to drink. A lot. I wouldn't consider myself an alcoholic, I could stop if i wanted to (Sounds like your typical alcoholic to me, just take my word for it). And everyone knows St. Patricks day is a big drinking holiday, those Irish sure know how to keep it down. But no Irish, not even a little, but they say everyone is Irish on St. Pattys Day. That magical day where everyone to gets together, dressed in green. Green shirts, Green beads, Green glasses, Green clover stickers on your face. Its the time for boiled dinners, corned beef and cabbage. Ew. Irish car bombs and green beer!! Yum!

So I start off my day at work, I work at a Mexican restaurant...cuz everyone wants to eat Mexican and drink margaritas on an Irish holiday! (Yeah right) I'm probably one of the few. I'm a picky eater though, so i guess it makes a little sense. I think i had a total of 5 tables that day, one of them included my family, so they don't really count. I made decent money for the amount of tables i had and i was out early which was good. I started drinking before my shift even ended, those are always the good nights.

Around 9pm my boyfriend comes to meet me for a few discounted/free drinks at work. An hour later after a margarita, a grey goose and red bull, some fancy drink with tequila in it (my fav) and a Tequila shot, we head on down to the bars with my boyfriend and some friends from work. I meet up with some of my other friends order a vodka cranberry and orange juice and this is when my night starts to get a little foggy. I remember ordering one more drink (I think) and talking to my friends about this girls sleepover i want to have with pretty drinks, PJs, movies and facials. (Sounds fun right?) Then i remember going outside for a cigarette, defending one my friend (lets call her Mary) whose other (we'll call her Jane) ruined her chances with this guy she thought was cute. I told Jane that she was a bad friend and that she ruined it for Mary because the guy told me he was interested but that Jane was making it awkward for him.

Still drunk from the night before I'm woken up way to early to be alive when you are hung over not remembering how i even got home. My phone is blowing up with text messages from my boyfriend who leaves for work at 630am. God bless him, because i am far from a morning person. I go to the bathroom, wonder why there is a blanket on the floor, do my business, lay back in bed and open up my phone to see a text message saying "Good morning sunshine" and a video attached to it.

Oh Great....leave it to my boyfriend to capture all the ridiculousness that is me.

So i watch this video and begin to remember throwing up the night before. But when i heard myself explaining to my boyfriend why i was lying on the floor, i recall it sounding completely different in my drunken state. I thought i was telling him that i had the spins and couldn't get up off the floor that second, but apparently it was just mumbling. Oops.

Then i talk to my best friend (we'll call her Shirley) who I remember seeing once and introducing to my new work friends, but she said i saw her more than that. She also informed me of my argument with Jane, she told me i kept repeating myself over and over and over again, which i do sometimes, or a lot when i have consumed enough alcohol, while stumbling over. Shirley said she was standing behind Jane laughing while looking at my boyfriend seeing if he would get me to stop. He didn't. So i kept going.

Then finally we left after my boyfriend told me he bribed me not to continue the bar hopping extravaganza with 7-11 breakfast sammiches. (YUM!) You don't have to ask me twice! We got home i stumbled around, sat down took a bite of my delicious egg sandwich and said "I think im gonna go throw this up now". And the video above is the aftermath. Come to find out when he took this video it was only between 11 and midnight. Amazing how drunk you can get in only a few hours. After an hour of trying to help me back to reality he decides to give up around 1am and give me a blanket to make myself comfortable on the bathroom floor. Since i woke up in my bed i assume i eventually was able to move my legs and make my way into the bedroom.

Along with taking this video he also took a wonderful picture of me and posted it on Facebook titled: Not everyone is REALLY Irish on St. Pattys Day.

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