Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Your Jeff Goldblum impression made me laugh so hard i peed my pants.

I've been watching a lot of my favorite comedies lately, so i decided i would share a few with you guys. Here are a few of my favs, and some scenes that keep me laughing. I couldn't get all the ones i wanted because i couldn't find some parts on YouTube and that's the only way i know how to get the video for it. Any who, Enjoy!



The Hangover

Pineapple Express

Grandmas Boy

What are some of you favorite funny movies?


  1. Pahahaha!! You just-so-happen to show clips from almost every one of my favorite "stupid humor" movies! You have to include the Lion vs. Tuna scene from 'The Other Guys' though :)

  2. lol ive never seen that movie, ill have to check it out! :-)