Friday, September 2, 2011

Stupid video editor

So i have this video editor that came with my computer and it works alright, but whenever i try and preview the video it starts skipping so its hard to edit it the way i want. I have to go to best buy or check out or something to see if i can purchase a better one, since i cant afford a Mac right now i have to deal with what i have or can get for cheap. But whatever.

Ive been working on some more songs to put on YouTube that ill hopefully be confident enough about to make public instead of private or unlisted like that last video i put up. Dont you guys feel special? That last video was for blogger eyes only. :-p

Other than that, my boyfriend and I are going on a lovely dinner date tonight. We haven't had a date in a while, so I'm looking forward to it. Plus I'm starving, as soon as he asked me last night, I got hungry for delicious food!

And i went to the Apple store the other day and got my IPhone replaced, I guess it had water damage. Even though I've never dropped it in water, but the guy said that IPhones get water damage wicked easily. He was telling me how one of his  IPhones got damaged because of the condensation from a coffee cup, or some people get it just from bringing into the bathroom with them while they shower, which i do all the time since i like to listen to music while i wash. But he was nice enough to replace it for me even though he said they usually don't, which is awesome because i know i wouldn't have been able to afford a brand new one.

I'm still working on my about me video but it might take longer than expected since my editor thingy is stupid, i have to have patience with things that don't work correctly and i definitely don't have that. Its funny because i can be extremely patient with all different things, but when it comes to some stuff i need it right now or else i get mad, i feel like someone needs to rub my ears and go "wooosah" it seemed like it help on Bad Boys.

So now i will leave you with another YouTube video of me singing. which is public...for now, until i listen to it enough to hate it and make i unlisted again.