Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My first youtube video of me singing a song.

So ive been wanting to start putting videos of me on youtube singing songs. and this is my first attempt. Im learning to play the piano but im not very good yet so instead you get karaoke style. lol
i edited it a little bit because i messed up on some parts, and it was quick editing so it looks funny. and i get pissed in the middle because i mess up too. haha but thats still in there. i really did have time to edit everything but here you go. Judge me if you'd like. lol


  1. A beautiful!

    I've been wanting to do this too...just not sure if I'm down with all the online trolls around...maybe i'll muster up the courage.

    Keep doin' what you're doin' it's great.

  2. thanks. im working on a better version of this song now, where i dont rush it. lol
    but thank you!
    Im gonna try and put better stuff up at some point