Monday, August 29, 2011


So I'm sitting here watching true blood thinking about what to write and their really isn't much to say. Well there is a lot i could write about, but I'm not sure if i want to or how i want to put it.

I've been really interested in drawing and taking pictures lately, like I've said in previous posts i wish to buy a new camera, but good things come with patience and I'm going to need a lot of patience before i can afford to buy a camera good enough for my standards.

My friend Patt and I were talking about this the other day, how anything we do needs to be good enough to "wow" people. We don't want our presence to be ordinary. You only live once, why not make a difference, make a name for yourself. Whether it be in a blog, on YouTube, becoming president, acting on television or just making a difference in the lives of everyone you meet.

Which is why i hold high standards for everyone around me, and myself.

If i expect something of you and you dont excede my expectations, im going to be dissapointed, because im a strong believer in people and passions. No matter what your passion is, i believe you should do it as best as you can and as long as your satisfied with your best, and that should be enough.

Not that i take my own advice. Well..i guess i do, to point. I only want to show people my best, so anything i ever work on i always find the flaws and make it the reason i dont make it public knowledge. I scare myself with the littlest thing and make it the reason not to pursue anything i believe is out of reach. When in reality, its probably only a fingers-length within reach.

Maybe one day you will see me on stage performing in front of Millions of people, but until then ill show of my creativity through these pictures and drawings Ive taken, that i think are good enough for people to see.

Some of these are pictures during and after Hurrican Irene hit my town. It wasn't as bad here as other places, but i couldnt capture even close to the size of the actual waves

Water on the boulevard 
A sketch i did of my cat when he was a kitty
My sunflowers., i wish i took better care of them
waves during the hurricane that hit us
My friend walking down the boulevard before a cop yelled at us
Night waves during the hurricane at low tide
Same picture, two different settings.


  1. Great pictures.

    I'm totally the same way too, but just like you said. If you're gonna do something why not make it worth it by making it your best.


  2. thanks! I get so nervous when it comes my passions. But sounds silly, but i was watching the voice and one of the judges said "If you aren't nervous, then you don't want it bad enough." and its so true! So i just try to use the nerves now, instead of being afraid of them.

  3. Great post! Your pictures are awesome! Fear in any form is learned. You learn to fear opening up about your passions or you learn to fear failure. While unlearning is hard to do, the good thing about fear is that we can overcome it! It looks like you're overcoming yours! ^_^

  4. I'm working on it. I finally put a video of myself singing on you tube. Its unlisted so only people who view my blog can see it, but its a start.:-)