Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vacation planning

Ive never been on a vacation out of the country before, ya know tropical island, all inclusive type thing so my boyfriend and I finally decided we are going to actually book a trip instead of just talking about it. Ive never been out of the country (Canada doesn't count). And Ive been to Puerto Rico but that's part of the united states and its never been a vacation, its always to visit family. So I'm pumped to actually stay somewhere Ive never been before. Its gonna be a whole new exciting adventure for me!

How awesome does that look?
Ive been itching to go to Jamaica forever now, and every time i look up a place in Jamaica its so much more expensive then anywhere else.. does anyone have any hints or ideas for a good all inclusive resort in Jamaica? Ive been looking at the sandals resorts because those seem to have the best features, and i would like to avoid a place that has a bunch of kids and a lot of the sandals resorts I've been looking at are 18 plus, which is definitely a plus.

And in September we are planning a trip to universal so we can finally go see the Harry Potter theme park! Im pumped! My boyfriend is a huge Harry Potter fan, i think the series is alright, i just started reading the books. Only on the third one and its kind of repetitive so far and it annoys the fuck out of me. But Tom says it gets better after the first few books, hopefully hes right. But until we can go buy the other one, since his friend borrowed the fourth book and never returned it, Ive been reading the Golden Compass which has been more enjoyable then Harry Potter so far. Even tho i still think it will be an awesome experience, because as much as i don't like the books yet, his world is pretty fucking awesome and i cant wait to try some butterbeer! I promise you i will take some awesome pictures too!

Bandaid tom ripped off
Maybe ill have to get my good camera before we leave, this trip will definitely call for some good camera capturing moments! <3

Well anyway my godson is due in the beginning of September and i cant wait to meet his handsome little face! I know its gonna be love at first sight. <3 

My arm hurts like a bitch from the shot the other day, love how it hurts after but not during the sticking of the needle in your arm, i still haven't gone to get those tests done to see if im anemic, but hopefully by Saturday, and my work is pissing me off. We'll see how today goes... of my cats just took a dump. It smells like death. mmmmm. The smell of fresh shit in the afternoon, its enough to keep you going...

So today ill leave you with some pictures i drew last night while i couldn't sleep. They are the first things Ive ever drawn from real life instead of an already drawn image, it took me a while but i did it!

this was a picture taken from Toms Harry Potter birthday party

Tom sleeping, thank god he stayed still for a while or else i wouldnt have been able to do this. (He called me a creep when he woke up. haha.)

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