Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Boston Skyline

My boyfriend and I decided to walk around last night and try out the night settings on my camera. We got a few okay ones, like the one below, nothing photographer worthy but we're working on it.

Getting this picture was kinda hard, i couldn't get my camera to focus for some reason and this was least blurry picture i had. Every time i would zoom in everything would turn black and it couldn't find anything to focus on with auto setting, and then when i would choose the manual setting i couldnt find the buildings to focus on while it was zoomed in because everything was black. Im sure i will get the hang of it sooner or later.

Anyone have any advice or suggestions i would love to hear from you! :-)

view of Boston from where i live


  1. Jealous of your skyline. That is absolutely amazing.

  2. Its has to be a really clear night in order to see it well, luckily this night was one of them :-)

  3. super jealous....I love Boston. I live in RI and it's just not close enough!

  4. lol. I hardly ever get the chance to go into the city :-( but i try as much as i can! There are fun things to do in Rhode Island too though! :-D