Monday, September 26, 2011

Keep crying and ill give you something to cry about...

My tear ducts have a mind of their own. Everyone gets emotional but i doubt many people start sobbing because they saw a comcast commercial and was touched that the little boy who couldn't read, can now learn how on his very own new and improved television cable box doohickey!!! Congratulations! I thought that was what school was

 I don't even know if there is really a commercial like that. I think I pulled it out of my ass, the story just felt right.

Any who,  I'm the only person i know who can't go an entire day without shedding an oceans worth of tears.

I am an extremely emotional girl, as you can tell I don't think most people cry over commercials. Unless its one of those animal cruelty ones with Sarah McLachlan's Angel playing in the background as you stare into this little puppies big, brown, sad, eyes..."In the arms of the angel, may you fiiiiiind soome comfoorrt therree." okay I'm going to cry just thinking about it. Lets change the subject.

Yesterday I watched that movie Soul Surfer, great movie by the way, and since i knew what the story was about, you know the girl gets her arm bit off by a shark and doesn't care so she becomes a pro surfer, before it had even begun i was crying.

Pathetic i know, its just so heartwarming.

What a brave girl going back into the water after being attacked by a shark. A fucking huge one for that matter, i think it was something like 16 feet long and 8 feet wide. I mean, holy shit! I wouldn't have had the courage to do it, fuck that, I like living i wouldn't chance death twice. But this girl, she didn't even care. As soon as she was out of the hospital she wanted to get back in the water, try surfing with one arm and she did it. Inspirational! 

Waterworks might be coming back again.

I swear im not a  big baby, i can handle shit. Real people shit, life, etc. I just have to let out a good cry every now and then, or every day. Oh, and during that time of the month, forget it, i'll cry if i see two kids playing in the backyard because its cute. Dont judge me.

Its not only when im sad, touched or inspired. Its when i laugh as well.

Can you see how this might get confusing?

I'm sure you've heard people say "I laughed so hard that i cried". Well, for me, it only takes a giggle, one little "hehehaha" and the tears start pouring out (ruining my makeup i worked so hard on) and everyone who catches a glimpse of the line of tears streaming down my cheeks turns around and goes "Whats wrong? Everything okay?"

"Yeah, everything is great. Something was just funny. Don't mind me."

I wouldnt mind not having to pay extra for waterproof makeup since any other product wont last on my face an entire day.  I also wouldn't be upset if I could watch a commercial, a fucking commercial, without getting all choked up.

That's all i ask. I wonder if there is some kind of surgery i can have that will completely remove them, or some way they can hack into my brain and remove the part where i think shit is funny. That way i will only cry when something is sad or inspiring and not when my boyfriend tells a funny joke.


  1. Kayleigh! Hahaha! You're so funny! I'm also very emotional, in a different way. I easily get amused and then I become overly dramatic. Some people think it's weird about me, but who cares? Haha!

  2. you are who you are and you cant help it. Embrace it! <3