Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I forgot what i was going to write about...

I'm always rushing, my life is fast paced and not because it has to be but because its how i am. Getting ready for work i wait until the last minute to shower, do my hair, put my makeup on, dress, this is all a process and not a quick one. I try and make it as fast as possible, but i have so much hair that trying to make it look presentable isn't a quick and easy adventure.

Maybe its because I'm always in a rush, but usually I always end up being late since i misplace everything. I swear, if my head wasn't attached my body i would have lost it ages ago. I need to carry everything in my hands because the second i put it down, i don't know where it is. Even if i did keep it in my hands i still would be frantically tearing apart our apartment looking for it.
Am I to young to have old timers syndrome?

I'm that girl who puts her glasses on her head and searches for two hours until i finally realize I've had them the whole time. One time I was late for work looking for my phone only to find out it was in my back pocket. I'm the definition of a space case.

Its kind of sad. I went to the doctors the other day and one of the many questions they asked me was "How is your memory?" my answer "No better than usual."

This is how a conversation with me can go.

Person: "What did you do yesterday?"

Me: "Well, i woke up, blogged, went to work...i think. Came home from work and.....what was i saying?"

For all i know i could have been in a thrilling one on one duel with a huge fire-breathing dragon and her 5 vicious children and the next day i wouldn't be able to tell you anything about it because more likely than not, i wont remember.

I'm pretty sure I've left the house wearing the same clothes as the day before not being sure if it was the blue shirt, or the red shirt i wore yesterday. So then i just got with whatever i think looks good, which is usually the same thing i always wear. Oops.

I'm also that person who looses track of her thoughts. I'll be in the middle of a conversation or telling a story and i will completely forget the point, doesn't make for a good story. At least when i write blogs i can reread what i write so i don't lose track of the topic. Even though sometimes I'm pretty sure i still do it. Whatevs.

Being a waitress I'm surprised I'm not terrible at it. If i didn't write everything down i would be. Some people i work with don't have to write anything down, they can listen to peoples orders and remember exactly what they wanted. If i even attempted to do that i think my brain might explode, that would call for a lot of cleaning and paper work. Exploding brains in the restaurant business isn't necessarily considered sanitary.

Any who, recent events has made me realize that with every death comes a new life and i think that's the only thing keeping me from crying these past few days. I found out when i arrived home from Florida that one of my friends had passed away. He was a great guy and of course any passing is sad. On a happier note, my godson should be born either today or tomorrow, my friend called me to let me know her water broke and its about time since she was due on Sept 1st.

I've lost a friend, but I've gained a family member and all i can do now is celebrate the lives of two amazing people. One who unfortunately isn't here anymore, and a brand new life that i look forward to playing a huge part in.

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