Saturday, September 3, 2011

There is a dragon in my fire

So this has been my morning so far...

I wake up and bump into the corner of my burrow with my crotch, so now it feels like Mrs. Pacman is trying to chew her way through my ovaries. Its a great feeling.

Then i walk towards the bathroom and my lovely cats spilled water all over the tiled floor, so i slip and fall on my ass. Now my ass hurts. And this pain is making me want to drink that one beer that's in my fridge and possibly smoke a joint. But I cant because I have to work in a few hours and I'm almost positive my boss wouldn't appreciate that.

I would love to do dishes but we have no dish soap, hopefully those stupid fruit flies don't come back. Ew. Guess who is hitting the dollar store tomorrow? This girl! The dollar store they recently built in town is fucking amazing because everything is actually a dollar. I do my shopping there before going to the grocery store because there's a lot shit i can get at that place for much cheaper than Market Basket.
Well last night i went to my dads, my brother was supposed to be there to borrow my dads car for the weekend but he ended being late so i didn't get to see him. He likes to blow me off because he doesn't really love me.

It ended up being a good little trip though, i got to hang out with my dad and we practiced singing together for the first time in ages. He used to live in this cabin the next town over, my friends and I would go there all the time to watch Red Sox games, sit around a fire play music and chill. I miss those days, but singing with my dad last night brought back good memories.

Does that look like the face of a killer?
We recorded it, and it wasn't bad for the first time singing together in almost a year, but we decided to eventually try and perfect it, make it YouTube worthy.

I love talking to my Dad about artsy things, he is the most supportive person in my family when it comes to my music and all that jazz. Whenever i show him something i drew, took a picture of or when i sing with him he always praises how talented i am, it makes me want to go on practicing and try to make myself better so he can be even more proud.

I get most of my artistic ability from him, everyone in my family is "right" brained, but my dads interests are more similar to mine. He takes photographs, paints, draws, sings in a band, pretty much everything i love doing and he is great at all of it.

It was really cute because as we were singing, my dads dog Sidney, decided to come sit on the couch with us and stick her face in my face like she wanted to join. I love her, I swear she is some sort of pitbull mix but my dad refuses. I dont understand why, its not like she is going to eat your face...she might eat your dogs face, if its a small dog, but other than that she may lick you to death. You just have to let her know who is boss and my dad is good at that until he lets her go for a minute and another dog attacks her.

We went to the pier the other day, Sidney was minding her own business when some stupid little rat dog came over and bit her. I only caught the end of the fight but before i got to her it sounded like she was eating the little dog for dinner,  fuck that, the little shit should have picked on someone his own size, fuckin rat dogs. I would have done the same thing if i was Sid. The little dog was fine, but it sucked for Sidney because some people are already afraid of her.

Then after my dads, Tom and I came home drank a couple beers and had a dragon fire. That's right, a dragon fire. Don't be jealous. Actually, be jealous dragon fires only come out to there most faithful allies.

This picture isn't photoshoped or anything, i took it with my IPhone to put on facebook so i could update my status like "omg were having a fire, and your not! hahaha." but then i looked and it was a dragon and i was like "oh shit, check out this dragon fire! Its awesome!"

If you can't see the dragon in the fire, then aparently you aren't ready for the dragon, and I'm sorry. Not everyone can handle what comes with him, hes a very complicated being.

Well anyway, now i should probably do my makeup and get ready for work before i get distracted by something else funner than getting ready for work, like twitter or facebook...or even just being outside since I've been a hermit lately. Its been kind of cold and upsetting, its good for night time fires though because the bugs don't come out to eat my boyfriend as much as they do in the summer time. Okay well until next time...Good Bye.


  1. Haha, Your morning sounds funny. :D What fun to hear that you feel that way for your dad.

  2. You slipped and fell in toilet water? Glad to see that I am not the only one who has done that.

  3. haha no. My cats water bowl is on the way to the bathroom and i slipped on that. but i would slip on toilet water too. im pretty clumsy. lol