Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Your clouding my aura...

So not to sound like a complete hippy chick, but I'm probably going to for a few moments here.

I feed off peoples energies.

If there is to much bad shit surrounding me, I don't have enough strength to fight it off so eventually its going to change my mood.

That's not okay.

I want to attract good energy, good people, good feelings, I love nothing more in my life than being happy.

The best times always come when you can keep a smile on your face. I want to surround myself with people who give off....good vibrations.

"Its such a good vibration, its such a sweeeet sensatioooonnn."  I'm going to have that song stuck in my head for days now. Guaranteed.

Oh Marky Mark you funky thing you. I got to stare at his ass on TRL once...but thats a story for a different day.

Any who, then there are these people, whos energies are so strong you cant force them out. They take over your body and as hard as you try and shield yourself, it keeps coming.

"Fuck you bitch, my aura is stronger than yours."

It starts an aura war.

The stupid energy, the one that i try to avoid, decided to make an unwanted visit to my home this weekend. Thank god it was only here for about an hour.

I come home from work, ready for a great time. My boyfriend started his vacation and a bunch of his friends came to visit so when i got to my house there were already about 7 or 8 people over.

I love having people over,  its always a bunch of nonsense and usually its a drama free zone, which is awesome. But then again, when you invite certain people over ive learned its like mixing the wrong paint colors together, sometimes you get a shitty color.

Or in energies case, bad energy.

I guess it was more like awkward energy. There was a girl here that not many of my boyfriends friends enjoy the company of but she has always been nice to me. On the other hand i can see why most people don't like her, I try and keep an open mind about things.

So the whole time she is here, she continues talking to me since im the only person who will really give her the time of day besides her current boyfriend. Then i have these friends over who keep trying to talk about her to me when i just want to keep myself out of it.

They don't like each other, great. I understand but at the same time, its not my problem, not my business. To sum it up, i don't give a fuck.

So here was all this negative energy flowing in every direction and i couldnt enjoy myself in fear of an argument. So before i started having fun, i felt awkward for about an hour, and then i think the negative energy got the best of her because sooner rather than later she decided to make her exit.

Like magic the energy turns back into the good vibrations.

So like i said, not to sound like a complete hippy chick, but I'm a firm believer in energy.

A smile creates a smile a, good environment creates happy people and happy people create more happy people. I wish there was more positive energy in the world then there is right now, but i find myself for the most part surrounded by the best energies i can find.

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