Monday, August 22, 2011

Pebbles in my shadow....

So i figured as I'm sitting here constantly clicking "try again" on my Netflix Instant Queue to connect to the stupid internet, i may as well write about something. I was thinking, as i was writing yesterdays post, that i was going to write about change. But maybe we will leave that for another night. Sometime when im not exhausted from yet another day of non stop adventures.

Well okay, maybe not real adventures like those you read about in fairy tales, but i didn't have a boring day, that's for sure.

I woke up around 11 with a text from my sister saying she was going to stop by, and i haven't seen her in months so of course i was pumped when i found out i was going to see her, even if it was just for a minute.

And my aunt is visiting with her kids so i had to squeeze in time for them while they are here as well. I had my sister drop me off at stones pier, which has a beautiful view of the river and some chill laid back people that hang out there, for the most part.

Stones Pier

I've also been really into taking pictures with my IPhone. I love pictures, and my phone takes awesome ones. I really want to get a nice camera that i can practice capturing better shots. 

My little cousin being cute! <3
Then after the pier I met up with my friends Katelyn and Stef and ate some awesome frozen yogurt. Which is amazing that i like it enough to mention it to anyone, normally i hate ice cream, i guess i just had a sweet tooth tonight.

And now i have the sweats, because I'm pretty sure i ate way to much food, on top of my headache that i have from making the mistake of smoking shitty weed. stupid netflix just shut off again, this is getting tiring.

Well now I'm sitting on my couch in my boyfriends shirt and pants, he told me earlier that he wouldn't be surprised if he came home one day and i was wearing his underwear as well. I cant help that his clothes are a lot more comfortable than mine are. Stupid girls pajamas are always so little, i like some room to breathe in my clothes when I'm trying to relax.

I don't find it very comfortable when your jeans are riding up your lady parts and you get camel toe. No thanks, i try to steer clear from those circumstances. Some girls like to let there body parts suffocate, i wanna let my body get as much air as possible

With my classy keg cup full of Sutter Home Sweet Red watching a movie that stops every 12 minutes, longest one and a half movie ever.

With the girl pissing me off because every time she has something important to say she waits until the main character walks away. 

How about you just say it when he is right in front of you bitch! Girls. 

Well now that I'm done rambling about my oh so adventurous day, i think i might leave you with a few favorite pictures i have taken so far with my phone and hope that i don't procrastinate as much as usual so i can actually go and buy that camera i have been looking at every time i step my feet into best buy.

Boston Harbor Duck Tour

First arriving at North Carolina
Beach in North Carolina


Streets of Boston

Tunnels under the bridge coming out from the Boston Duck Tour

The reflection of a Cathedral in Boston. Thought it was cool looking.

Pebbles in my shadow.


  1. Apparently I need an iPhone just for the camera!

  2. It takes amazing pictures! Especially with all the camera apps you can download! I absolutely love it! <3