Sunday, August 21, 2011

Its been a while

Its been a while since my last blog post. I saw a shiny object and got distracted. It happens.

A little too much tequila
Well what have I been up to lately...?


Well there is

.Work. FUN!  yeaaahh...right.

Some concerts-(danced my pants off!)

Parties which equal booze, so obviously...always a good time.

Weddings Which also equal booze, again, always a good time.

A 14 hour non stop driving adventure to North Carolina for sun, beer pong, beach, Jacuzzi and awesome weather. (Also need to mention my drunken walk to our neighbors house to make friends, i don't think they were too happy with it.)
I caught a fish!

And basically spent every moment looking in my IPhone calender for spare time. Always trying to squeeze in one more event and try not to double book. Oh arent I just miss popularity.


I'm not about to say that i didn't have a great time, i wouldn't change this summer for anything. But i know next year...not so many plans. I think i wanna just go with the flow. Ya know?

Spent time with my family
I don't like plans. It makes life feel cramped and busy, which a lot of the time it is. So whats the big deal if you weren't going to do something and then decide last minute you want to. It could mean some life altering amazing experience that if you didn't have, you would have never known how much you would have regretted not doing it.

Make sense?



How about we just see what life brings us and go with it.

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