Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blogging...its a different kind of drug.

Its been almost a month since I've blogged?!? Holy shit! That must have been why i had the sweats and the shakes yesterday.

Blogging withdrawals.

It's a different kind of drug, you know. . . that good shit. Getting high off your thoughts as you write them down for yourself and anyone else to read. Putting yourself out there, it gets addicting. Combined with my personal addictive qualities and my families history with addiction, I'm hooked.

Well fellow bloggers, Its been so long because I've been busy making a photography website/blog.

My job sucks and I'm hoping i can make something out of this picture taking business. Why not make money doing something i do every day for free anyway? The only problem is, until i can get my own domain name im using wordpress. Wordpress and I haven't been on speaking terms in a while so I'm a little rusty and its taking longer than i thought to get my site up and working to my high standards. God damn themes don't want to cooperate with me!

Well here are some pictures from my party, i was a little drunk and forgot to break out the camera early. Unfortunately we have no pictures of lady gag gag all bloody and taped to the table but trust me, she was there!

Black light beer pong. I took this picture with my phone.

Best costume of the night! Next year I'm having a contest

I was trying to be a tiger. Not very scary.

Notice the unicorn horn in his mouth. He was practicing for later.


Beer pong funnel that i never got to use.

The graveyard.

Some of the decorations

So that's the party if only you could have been there to get the full effect of how awesome it was. Between the punch bowl, Jello brain and all the jello shots my boyfriend was handing out I was feeling pretty damn good.
Now i will leave you with some pictures of a sunset. Hope everyone had a great Halloween! 


  1. That party looks SO FUCKING COOL. I love Halloween, but I didn't really have time to decorate for it this year. Next year, I plan on going all out. Hopefully it will be almost as awesome as yours looks.


  2. party looks awesome... and wonderful pictures!

  3. yeah we had a blast! and the blacklight beer pong came in a kit, im sure you could get it anywhere! it was the funnest part of the party. Besides are awesome fire :-)

  4. It's amazing how blogging time flies. One month is like three blogging years.

  5. These pictures are AMAZING. I've been getting into photography too with my new DSLR I got. I just wrote a new post and it's been almost three weeks. Are we starting to get a life? I can't tell if this is a good thing or bad thing...p.s. we still need to bone.

  6. Are you ever going to blog again, or have we lost you to the camera?

  7. Everytime I get on here Im amazed by your photos. I need to add more of mine but, your make mine sad and self conscious. lol. Your amazing, you will...YOU WILL make it as a photographer. Keep your head up. You have the talent! XOXO