Saturday, April 2, 2011

I see said the blind man...

Glasses are so inconvenient. One day, when i make enough money, im going to pay to have laser eye surgery.

I wear contacts most the time, because not only do i hate the way glasses look on me but whenever i wear my current pair of glasses they fall off my face. Not just ride down my nose, you know the one when you end up doing that dorky push your glasses up your face with your finger move? That also happens to me but what happens to me more often is my glasses falling completely off my face and onto the floor. Ive taken them a few times to get tightened at the optometrist but after a week they stretch back out and end up back on the floor. I must have a fat face or something.

So i end up wearing contacts most of the time, I try to make them last as long as possible because my eye doctor is out of town and my car is a piece of shit and I don't like driving it to far. I end up buying multiple bottles of contact solution and always run out from using so much of it. Like right now, i havent had contact solution for a few days, so ive been wearing them since i first put them in. I know its really bad for my eyes, but they're my last pair and i dont want them to dry out. 

Remember my blog post about procrastination?? This is another example. I Keep saying im going to go to the store and grab more contact solution but it never happens. I end up sitting inside, since its still snowing here in new england and i hibernate when its cold, on the computer or watching movies, napping. Whatever comes to mind at the time before i have to endure another terrible day at work. I also sometimes result in using my own saliva to soak my contacts if it gets to bad, since my science teacher in high school told me its the same thing...or better than letting your contacts dry out in your eyes.

I haven't had to stoop to that yet though, i do own visine for contacts. Doesn't seem to help much, i used it after I got out of the shower today and I can still feel them slowly drying under my eyelids, not a good sign. I think its there way of telling me its time to take them out because if you wear contacts correctly, unlike me, you shouldn't be able to feel them at all.

Whatever. My boyfriend and I are heading out of town later anyways so maybe ill just take my contacts out for now stop at a store and put the solution in the case while were in the car. At least that way ill have them for later.

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